Conchita's Cleaning Services 

Conchita's Cleaning Service offers a great variety of cleaning opptions such as:



  • House Cleaning

  • Apartment Cleaning

  • Condo Cleaning

Seasonal Cleaning or Holiday Cleaning

  • Spring Cleaning

  • Holiday Cleaning

  • Customized Cleaning

  • Green Cleaning

Business/ Commercial

  • Office Cleaning

  • Commercial Cleaning

All Rooms Include:

* Vacuum / Mop all floor surfaces
* Vacuum furniture in family room
* Clean glass surfaces
* Remove cobwebs
* Dust windowsills, baseboards, blinds,

   and decor
* Spot clean light switch plates
* Make beds
* Empty trash

Genera Extras:

* Clean Out Fireplace            

* Sweep Porch

* Clean Door & Windowsills   

* Clean Baseboards

* Clean Window Tracks         

* Clean Sliding Glass Doors

* Clean Bookshelves             

* Clean Woodwork

Kitchen Cleansing:

* Clean & sanitize countertops, and appliances
* Clean sinks and faucet
* Clean microwave inside and out
* Spot clean cabinet exteriors
* Wipe down of tables and chairs

Kitchen Extras:

* Clean Refrigerator Interior    

* Clean Freezer Interior
* Clean Oven Interior              

* Clean Stove Top Interior
* Clean and Polish Silver        

* Clean Cabinet Interior & Drawers
* Clean Wastebaskets                 

Bathrooms Cleansing Includes:

* Clean scrub & sanitize toilet bowl and        base
* Clean & sanitize tub, shower, and sink
* Shine mirrors and chrome
* Fold Towels
* Spot clean cabinet exteriors and shelves

Bathroom Extras:

* Clean Woodwork & Tiles           

* Clean Interior Cabinet & Drawers


GREEN and Clean... Environmentally Safe Products

If you would like to keep your home or office GREEN but CLEAN, please let us know. Here at Conchita's Cleaning we offer a variety of cleaning products that are enviromentally friendly.

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